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...................associate THIS!

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Hey.... you're here!!!



So?! What's the deal?!

Basically it's a community for interactive, freestyle, word associations.
Yep, that's what she is.

A slight variation from it's original purpose, word_jam has been re-invented as a community for interactive word association.

Taking a cue from the long un-updated, yet addictive freeassociation, this community puts it's own spin on the idea by allowing members to post their own suggestions and replies for all to see!

Ok, but how does it all work?

Well, members post word lists of 5 to 10 words for others to free-associate.
Others comment back with creative answers... single words, phrases or even short paragraphs... whatever pops into your mind! You can play off what someone else wrote or do something totally original. And the best part is:

~ * * *There is absolutely no wrong way to do this!!* * * ~

Here are two examples:

1. coffee: grain
2. asphalt: laid
3. blender: puree
4. continental: breakfast
5. missionary: position

1. coffee: with you, life springs eternal
2. asphalt: my lungs on humid days
3. blender: beat, beat & re-beat
4. continental: solider, scrambled eggs & a Lincoln
5. missionary: defending against the forces of evil in the name of the Lord


Now, we don't really mind if you variate on the format a bit. We won't mind if you post more than once a day. Heck, we won't mind if you have a freak obession with sausage and post nothing but sausage-related answers. That's part of the jamming aspect of it! However, we DO ask that you play nice with one another!!! Be respectful of those posting and reading the posts. NO vulgarity or extremely offensive content. (A little brash is one thing... totally off-color is another!) The moderators* reserve the right to delete posts and ban users!



All in all, just be CREATIVE, & have F.U.N. gosh darnit!

*onerocketgirl & cadillac8 are your humble and meek mods. Please feed them cookies.